Frequently Asked Questions

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How long do I have too wait to walk on the floor?

We recommend 24 hours for foot traffic, and 3 days for vehicles and heavy equipment that cannot be moved with a hand truck or pallet jack. Do not drag heavy equipment across floor.

Will the floor be slippery when it is wet?
Depending on the type of finish, your floor can be slippery when wet. We carry a slip resistant material called Slip Grip, that can be added to the finish for added resistance while maintaining beautiful results.
Will the cracks in my concrete come back?

There is no way to guarantee against cracks returning. Your concrete is constantly moving and there is always a chance that old cracks may return and new cracks may develop.

Are epoxy floors easy to clean?

Yes, household cleaners and degreasers will easily take care of most household spills and stains. Please refer to product Technical Data Sheets (TDS) for more potent chemicals and always use proper safety equipment.

Do I have to remove previous coatings?

We recommend that all previous coatings (including paint) be removed down to concrete for best results. We can perform this task as a part of your project.

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